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Security Master Plans

Strategic planning is crucial for the security director of any operation. A Security Master Plan is a document that delineates the organization’s security philosophies, strategies, goals, security programs, and processes.  It is used to guide the organization’s development and direction in these areas in a manner that is consistent with the Airport Master Plan, IT Master Plan and the organization’s overall Strategic Goals and Business Plan.


Identity/Credentialing Management Systems

Many airports are migrating from traditional badging systems to Identity Management Systems (IDMS). These systems offer turnkey processes to not only enroll employees and issue badges, but to biometrically verify the individual. Systems also provide significant automation for Authorized Signatories to electronically enroll employees, receive status notifications and individual reporting capability. This kind of system requires a special Scope of Work to procure and focused planning to migrate to the IDMS.

Installing IDMS means installing a new operation; including processes, staff assignments and automation that allows Trusted Agents to be head-up talking and working with badge applicants instead of head-down absorbed with data entry. It's not just your old badging system anymore! ASC has the expertise, backed by experience, to help badging and credentialing offices make the transition efficiently - there is a right way to implement IDMS.







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